We are restaurant consultants in the Sedona, Arizona area and are currently restaurant owners too! My wife and I own Harry’s Hideaway Restaurant in Cornville, Arizona just outside of Sedona. My wife eat out a lot and we will post reviews of our experiences on this website as Premium Content. So these reviews will not be available to the general public. You will have to sign up for Premium Content to see them. That costs just $20 a month! Not only do you get to see the reviews of your business, but you get to ask questions! In addition, we’d like restaurant people to use this website to share ideas, ask questions and give (and receive) constructive criticism from us and their fellow restaurateurs in the area. Everyone is asked to write reviews and make suggestions on improving everyone’s operation. A strong community of restaurants is in everyone’s best interest! Again, these reviews are considered premium content and as such can not be seen by the general public. However, they will be able to be seen by anyone signing up for premium content.

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