Restaurateurs (like us) pretty much think they know everything! But every now and then it might be a good idea to have someone look at things with a fresh set of eyes!

Restaurant Start Up

Are you sure? Its a tough business! Here’s some free advice: Don’t do it! If you worked hard all your life and retired, saved up a little nest egg, but you always dreamed of owning your own restaurant… Don’t do it! Enjoy your retirement!

Energized and ready to go

If your mind is set on getting in the restaurant business. We can help! You’re going to need lots of energy because you’re going to be working long hours, dealing with lots of people, including government type people, tax accountants, lawyers, trades people, etc, etc. And best of all… customers!


I’m a Chef and can help you with all things in the kitchen. My wife is the front of house Manager and can help with wines, beverages, bartending, serving and hosting.

Restaurant Makeover

Is your current restaurant run down and tired with business falling off? Maybe its time for a change! We can help.

Restaurant consultants in the beautiful Red Rock area of Sedona, Arizona